Journaling Challenges

A 30-Day Self-Love Journaling Challenge

It can be hard to feel love towards ourselves as imperfect humans living in an undeniably competitive society. Over 30 days, we’ll focus on writing prompts that ask us to reflect on our life experiences in a bold effort to reclaim our self-love. Words have the power to transform, to heal, and to make us feel less alone. Words can cross the bridge from the past to the present and on to the future. We often have to write on topics that evoke pain, hurt, shame and fear to find our way back to love. 


Each week of the writing challenge will focus on a new theme: 
Week 1 theme :: Uncovering the pain
Week 2 theme :: Cultivating self-compassion
Week 3 theme :: Reconnecting with your inner child
Week 4 theme :: Devoting to yourself


“As a busy Social Worker,  I spend much of my time and headspace concerned with my clients and community, their feelings, their struggles, and their goals. As a caregiver, I sometimes need to give myself permission to take care of my own needs, to explore my feelings, and to reflect on my journey. I have participated in Building Bold’s 30 Day Writing Challenge. Nikki’s thought-provoking prompts have helped me feel comfortable letting out my thoughts onto the page, whatever may come. Though I am new to the Building Bold community, I am so grateful to be a part of it.”
-Alana Levine, School-Based Social Worker, Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy 


“I did away with resolutions in 2017 and decided to focus on learning self-love every day for the entire year. The Building Bold 30-day self-love writing challenge helped me dig deep to uncover the parts of me I’ve neglected and the ones that no longer serve me. I wrote to dilute my fear one day while the next day I discovered the strength I forgot I had. It was a daily reminder to live in gratitude; to forgive myself completely and to uncover the inner child within. This writing challenge is not for the faint of heart but I assure you it will mend your broken places after 30 days.”
-Nannette Ricaforte, Photographer

“I jumped on Building Bold’s 30 Day Self Love Writing Challenge right away because it is so easy and fits seamlessly into my daily life. It just takes a few minutes during my day to settle down, open my email, journal and grab a pen. Nikki Weiner offers those who are writing some beautiful things to contemplate. Even difficult topics are presented with compassion and tenderness. I was surprised to discover how much I was still holding onto from my past. Thank you Nikki!”
– Caroline Florence