Our Story

About Building Bold

Building Bold is an organization dedicated to empowering women to stand in solidarity and unapologetically share our truths through writing and spoken word. We are a community on a mission to overcome fears, stereotypes, and expectations through our platform for bold self-expression. Sharing our human experiences allows us to foster connections between supportive women committed to exploring life’s journey.


Meet Our Founder 


Hey you! I’m Nikki Weiner, the Founder and CEO of Building Bold, and I’m thrilled our paths have crossed! After two major career changes that left me deeply depleted, I packed my bags and went soul-searching. I began to explore my scars and what I learned is that our scars make us brilliant. Every scar has a story and every story has the possibility to inspire and connect women. Along my soul-searching journey, I realized that what I was seeking was right inside of me: empowering women through writing. I invite you to explore the cobwebs and crevices within as I journey to uncover my own.