What’s Your Truth

We are told to push, to hustle, to strive to be the best…but what’s the best? What happens when we give our “best” and others tell us it’s just not good enough; even worse, we tell ourselves it’s not enough.

Today I needed to take a major pause to confront the reality that I was barely living in today or tomorrow, and was spiraling far into the future. Afraid. Paralyzed. Playing the scenes of my past mistakes repeating themselves over and over again. I panicked and worried that I wasn’t “strong” enough to fight on. And then I remembered this: pause and breathe and be and exist and experience all of the difficult emotions that come with life. I remembered to take off my mask. We must take off our masks. We owe it to each other not to perpetuate the pressure of perfectionism that washes over social media. After all, there is a story behind every picture we post on social media.


My story?  I fly, yes, I fly. I fly away and forget about my inner child sometimes. She wails, but I keep flying away. Fleeing. And there’s a deep story behind this photo: a woman who flies between Building Bold, tutoring, and working at a college. A woman who has restless dreams that keep her awake at night. A woman who is so, so eager to dream all day, and a woman who is so tired from flying. Yes, she’s tired. She hasn’t taken the precious moments this week to pause and care and love and water her soul.

She doesn’t want pity though. No. She wants to share and hold space for others to let go of the pressure. And she wants to hear other women’s truth. Yes, she wants to hear your truth. 

And with the rise of a breath she makes a choice. She makes a choice to dig. Yes. To dig her way to air. A little at a time. Her fingers are cracking and filthy from the dirt. But she doesn’t stop digging. Does not. Until she reaches her inner child’s cry. She picks herself up and cradles her inner child. An abandoned child. And just like that she decides to keep fleeing. But this time she decides to keep fleeing to her inner child. Yes, she will fly to her the moment she hears her crying. She will collect all of her love and tenderness and offer it to this child. 

She is MY inner child. And SHE is Building Bold. 

What’s your truth? Declare it. Own it. Share it. #buildingbold


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